What do all these numbers send?

Download - download speed from the server.
This parameter shows the approximate speed of server parsing.
Our speed recommendations:
20 Mbit/s or more will be enough for comfortable viewing of the SD channel
50 Mbit/s or more for comfortable HD viewing
70 Mbit/s or more for comfortable viewing of 4K channels

Upload - download speed to the server. We check this parameter last,
since even 1 Mbps will be enough here.

Ping - is the time it takes for a request to travel from you to our server.
The lower the ping, the better and more stable the browsing experience.
It is desirable to have a ping of less than 60ms.

Jitter - is the delay between packets from your server,
in other words it is the quality of the network. General feedback:

1-10 ms good
10-30 ms observed
30-50 ms possible problems
during the drawdown of the Internet channel
50 ms and more - bad