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This tutorial will guide you on how to set up the Smart STB app. It’s available for streaming IPTV channels on LG & Samsung TVs and provides Stalker/Mag experience.

1. Download Smart STB app from your Smart Tv’s app store.

2. Launch the app & when you see “Loading portal” on the screen press OK or any number 0-9 on remote..
3. You will see below screen asking for Activation Code:
(Example device, information on above picture is for demonstration purposes, please do NOT enter this in the app and site)

This will be the place where you should enter Activation code that you’ll receive later.
4. Go to system settings.
5. Go to Portals
(Make sure Multiportal mode is set to ON)
6. Go to Use Portal 1 and turn it ON
Portal name: any
Portal url: http://mag.siptv.eu
NTP Server: gb.pool.ntp.org
7. Press the GREEN (F2 on some Remotes) KEY. In case you don't have an F2 or Green Colored Key on your Remote, please press the BACK or RETURN Key (depending on remote and TV model) and then press OK/Center for confirmation.
8. Go to system settings in the app to find your virtual mac address
9. Open device info and you will see you mac adress
10. Now click below link to visit Smart STB website to set portal URL:

You will see this screen
11. Enter the code marked as red in Smart STB app using your TV remote like below:
12. Back on Smart STB website, enter your virtual MAC address & Portal URL we sent you as below:

Once you enter activation code, Software ID should appear automatically. Please enter it manually if it doesn’t auto detect.
13. Press Continue and complete your order for free trial. The app is free for 7 days.

Please enter all necessary details needed for the registration, you should see the trial in the shopping cart like this
14. After a successful registration, you should see this screen in your browser:
15. Restart portal you will see demo page
16. Go to your account and copy m3u
17. after visit https://siptv.app/mylist from any web browser.
18. Go to the section titled ‘Add external playlist links (URLs)’ and enter your ‘Mac’ address.
Watching Live TV after initial setup

Run the Smart IPTV app.
Select a channel or film to view.

Troubleshooting Live TV

If you have any problems viewing the Live TV Service please follow this recommended fix.
Reboot your Fire Stick and Router.


Please press OK on your remote

Channel List will appear.

Please Press & Hold OK on remote

A menu will appear

Please go to Groups & Press OK on remote

You will see a list of all countries including VOD

To purchase the app & activate your MAC, please visit https://siptv.app/activation
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