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Terms of Use

1. Acceptance of the terms
1.1. Your access to "LineTV" means that you become an active project and carry out the conclusion of a legally binding party to the transaction between one party, and "LineTV"
" on the other hand, represented by the management company "LineTV", as well as its suppliers.
1.2. The Member shall use the use of "LineTV" only by confirming their participation in the actual acceptance of a random credit card, or resources and alternative services on the site by a payment method, or if received during the trial period.
1.3. By using "LineTV", the Participant thereby accepts the terms of participation.
2. Terms of participation
2.1. Receiving, processing with high quality, delivery to the participants of the television broadcast that is freely available, as well as the operation of the OnlineTV software and television complex in general, is carried out at the expense of monthly payments from the participants, giving each of them a personal right to use the services provided around the clock premium, without the right to public display, demonstration, or other use for commercial purposes.
2.2. "LineTV" does not bear any responsibility for the places of origin, legality and quality of TV channels and radio stations, we only provide a technical solution for access to these TV channels and radio stations on a single platform, as well as a technical solution for converting this broadcast stream using players and TV set-top boxes on TV. Our technical solution is our intellectual property. The client pays only for the technical solution!
2.3. The participant under no circumstances has the right to distribute access to the site among third parties, rebroadcast the services provided, or demonstrate outside the circle of relatives and friends. The Participant is not entitled to use the registration to simultaneously receive the provided services from more than four devices at the same time, allowing access to the service.
3. Payment for the service
3.1. Before you pay for the service, you can evaluate the quality of the broadcast for free. During the trial period, participation in "LineTV", which is available within 24 hours from the moment of connection, the service is provided free of charge. This service is available only to new customers in order to check the quality of the image and make sure the Internet connection is stable.
3.2. We reserve the right to change the participation fees at any time without changing the value of the period already paid.
3.3. A Member may opt out at any time, but in such event, LineTV will not refund the balance of the pre-paid fee, including the minimum subscription period fee already charged. Under fear of immediate termination of access to "LineTV", when passing the registration form, the participant provides information about himself necessary to provide the services provided.
4. Member account, password and security
4.1. After registration, the Participant creates a personal account and a password during registration. The Member is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and account and is solely responsible for all activities that occur under the account.
4.2. The Participant agrees to: immediately notify "LineTV" of any unauthorized use of his password and account, as well as any other detected violations of confidentiality and security, be sure to log out of his account at the end of each session if the entrance was made from a computer of third parties.
4.3. OnlineTV will under no circumstances be liable for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to comply with the provisions of this section.
5. Prohibition of illegal duplication
5.1. The participant undertakes not to multiply, copy, reproduce, sell or resell, distribute or use for commercial purposes, including otherwise provided service and other opportunities that he receives through participation in "LineTV", as well as his right to use the features in "LineTV". Any such activity is illegal.
6. Not committing malicious activities
6.1. The Participant undertakes not to take any action aimed directly or indirectly to interfere with the proper functioning and monitoring of the site, as well as related technical or service support. Imitation or simulation of use, as well as any act or declared intention that has the ultimate or indirect purpose of disrupting the functions of the service, will lead to the closure of the Member's account and may lead to legal action against him.
IMPORTANT: IPTV SERVICES CAN BLOCKED ANY TIME AND DONT WORK!!! And sometimes need wait when we will fixed our servers!
IMPORTANT: Before Top UP Balance - You can try first test because after top up or activated subscription we not refund money!!!

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